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I do Commissions~

2016-11-21 00:10:36 by Shishizurui

Art Commissions

You know those guys out there that charge like 80$+ for a just a line art of one character?, and then have a long list of things they don't draw?, Well I'm not that guy.

How I work

1. Send me a PM here on NG of your idea ( I encourage to be as descriptive as possible about what exactly you want.

2. I reply within the same day, with my price on the project. and when you may expect a rough draft

(See Prices below)

What do I draw?

I will draw just about anything, Yuri, Yaoi, fetishes, almost anything. ( I also do private commissions for those who want to stay confidential)


*Sorry as of 6-9-17 I ONLY accept commissions from US residents, recently I had an issue with a Canadian Card , only working for Amazon . CA *

This sounds scary huh, its actually easy, I haven't taken the time to figure out Paypal and i know some people don't care to transact that sort of information and stuff.

1. Buy an Amazon Card from your local store

2. Send me the code

3.When the code is confirmed I start working

WHAT YOU GET is,  NEGOTIABLE  No job is the same, 25$ typically gets you 2 Full Body characters Lined and Colored

Prices are negotiable, but not to be abused ( don't expect that 25$ is going to get a 20 page comic)


In the past I've tried to complete my commissions within a week from payment, however events in life still can happen, I try to keep in contact with my clients and inform them of each step of the project.

During the process I can make changes to the artwork if asked, as long as it is WITHIN REASON


Why Commission ME ?

you may be asking yourself "why would I commission this guy?"

I am not the best Artist, but  I try to give you more than what those guys charging 80$ are going to do for you. I've been doing commissions on and off since 2013 with this method.



Any Questions just PM Me




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2016-11-21 03:41:59

draw a pic of me hanging myself


2016-11-21 03:48:22

I'm not just saying this you have some awesome art work! :) Keep up the great work!! If you want to sometime you can checkout some of my comedy arts.